Technical specifications fonetta°


Wireless sound system with 180° sound radiation

and built-in audiophile record player


Specifications record player:

Belt drive  

Built-in motor control with DC-power pack minimizes vibrations of motor  

Record player turntable bearing spindle made out of high-grade steele with bronze jacks  

Low resonance turntable made out of timber 

8,6” low-mass tone arm with predefined tracking force & antiskating

Built-in phono-pre-amp with precise RIAA-distortion correction

Gilded electrical contacts with RCA & pick-up pins

Ortofon pick up 

Full suspension: vibrations technology decoupling to loudspeaker


Bluetooth® receiver in latest generation with aptX® losless Codec

for top quality in receiving music signals in CD quality via bluetooth from your devices

(iPhone, iPad and Mac Computers, Android smartphones and tablets)

range up to 15 m

Optimal output requires soundfiles in top quality (AAC, ALAC, m4a, wav).



1 bass/subwoofer 17,5 cm, warp resistant Kevlar membrane

1 broad band loud speaker 8,0 cm 

1 neodym tweeter

mono circuitry, active frequency filte.


Amplifier ICE Power, Class D, 170 Watt

frequency 20-20.000 Hz +/- 0,5 db


Ultra easy concept

automatic input signal detection

automatic wake-up when recognizing music signals

automatic standby after 10 minutes of non-operating state


Pins etc

Installation preparation and pins for WIFI receiver (AirportXpress).

1 analog input for plug 3,5 mm

optional volume control with two hidden buttons which are protected from vandalism +/- 3 dB.


Inner chassis made out of MDF (medium density fibreboard), bonded by hand.

Outer chassis made out of varnished brushed stainless steel, welded and swished by hand.

Fono part in powder-coated steel.


Design by Thomas Feichtner, Austrian design award winner.


Measurements 45 x 23 x 30 cm


Warranty 2 years.


Developed and assembled in Austria.


Errors and omissions excepted.